Accounting & Finance Product Costing Analyst

Position Purpose

The A&F Product Costing Analyst is a key member of the North American finance team. The Product Costing Analyst will have the primary role of ensuring that the resources used during the manufacturing process are systematically recorded and reported in the support of one or more North American business costing/profitability strategy. The experienced professional in this role will work closely with the Costing finance and operations team during product cost planning to develop activity-base product cost standards that represent the true cost of goods manufactured (COGM). They will also partner with these same teams when changes are proposed to ensure the effects on the product costs are as intended. The analyst will also monitor the product costing process to ensure that transactions recorded reflect actual activity. This person will also analyze price and usage variances. Using this analysis, they will provide reporting and advice to the operations teams to enable them to sustain and/or improve the manufacturing process. The Costing Analyst will also be responsible for monitoring and reconciling transactions within the material ledger so that period-end balances (quantities and pricing) are aligned with the product costing process and are free from material error.

This position will play a critical role in ensuring the ongoing success of one of our companys largest scale change initiatives, specifically related to finance and costing processes.

The position will have the opportunity to drive business results through enhanced reporting and analysis and will have exposure to a variety of areas across the North American businesses.

Travel will be less than 10%.

Principal Accountabilities

40% SAP Product Cost Planning
- Review and approve new and revised bills of materials and recipes and ensure that they properly reflect the true cost of production and align with the business product costing policies and strategies.
- Provide expert feedback and advice to the BOSC team regarding the product costing impact of production decisions.
- Consolidate planning inputs including production quantities and spending; calculate and analyze activity rates.
- Oversee the execution of monthly product cost estimates.
- Analyze product costing trends at the cost component level; identify and report on trends including fixed vs. variable costs.
35% SAP Product Cost Processing
- Routinely monitor purchase price variances (PPV) and process order variances (POV); proactively identify, research, and facilitate correction of pricing and/or activity errors.
- Review all product costing inputs prior to PEC to prevent errors or other unintended transactions from impacting period-end inventories.
15% Material Ledger Oversight
- Reconcile period activity (units): ensure that the transaction types used within the material ledger are appropriate and have the intended impact and are consistent with policies and procedures
- Compare material ledger activity with BOSC process reports; identify inconsistencies and partner with BOSC finance team to facilitate alignment.
- Reconcile period-end material ledger valuation; identify and report non-distributed or non-allocated product costs; analyze root causes of issues and facilitate resolution to prevent reoccurrence.
- Analyze period-end valuation trends and variances to standard and provide feedback to business leaders
10% Analysis and Decision Support
- Partner with BOSC team to assist the BOSC leadership team in understanding the causes and impact of variances within the manufacturing processes to improve product costing efficiency and to support business goals.
- Provide expert advice to BOSC team to ensure that operation processes and goals can be supported by current SAP processes and comply with global design.
- Support business leadership with analysis related to product costing to support profitability decisions.
- Be an active participant in the drafting of policies and procedures that impact the material ledger or product costing; assist in the building/validating of processes that support adherence.
- Perform other projects, tasks and responsibilities as requested and assigned (e.g. Quarterly Standard Updates for Packaged Materials)
- Lead SAP learning and development initiatives for finance (and potentially other functions) in order to leverage subject matter expertise around SAP.

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