Regional Chemicals and Chloralkali Manufacturing Technology Leader

The Americas Regional Chemicals and Chloralkali Manufacturing Technology Leader utilizes their deep subject matter expertise and experience in chemical processing and handling to provide technical direction and leadership for Cargill Starches, Sweeteners and Texturizers (CSST) North and South America in the area of Chemicals and Chloralkali production process. This role will provide overall corporate governance for th design standards, process capabilities, hazard anaylis, performance monitoring, technical training and incremental or significant improvements for the Chloralkali Manufacturing technology process and chemical handling within the region. This role will play an integral part in providing technical direction and leadership for the start-up and integration of the Eddyville Chloralkali facility as well as long term process technology and process safety governance for the Chlorakali facility. In addition, this role will provide standardized technical direction and leadership for chemical handling, storage and risk management across the entirety of the CSST Americas facilities including Bulk chemical facilities in the region. Chemicals included in the scope of this role include, but are not limited to Hydrochloric acid, Sulfuric acid, Caustic, Bleach, Ammonia and Bulk chemical handling facilities within the Americas region.

This role will partner cross-functionally with the Corporate and Business Group Process Safety teams, Environmental, Operations, Manufacturing Technology (Globally and regionally), Engineering and other functions to ensure integrated solutions for Chloralkali Process and Chemicals in the region.

Principal Accountabilities
Manufacturing Technology Design and Capability
  • Responsible for defining the 10 engineering discipline design requirements for a manufacturing technology that has the capability to deliver the product(s) and/or service(s) meeting the market requirements and internal/external risk tolerances and standards while achieving the best total cost to operate.
  • Partners with Functional Leadership (Engineering R&D, Strategic Sourcing, Reliability, Safety, Environmental, Food Safety) to define the design requirements for manufacturing technology.
  • Provide deep subject matter expertise during Chloralkali and Chemical systems HAZOP/ LOPA and PRA (Process Risk Assessment) to ensure inherently safer design of the facility to enable Cargills goal of ZERO Harm.
  • Translates the requirements from manufacturing design & capability into a manufacturing technology transfer package
  • Provide direct/indirect customer & supplier support and delivery of services coming from the technology.
  • Provides strategic leadership, defines, establishes and ensures appropriate governance for deployment of manufacturing technology design requirements into Build projects.
  • Responsible for overall operations/technology risk management governance for a manufacturing technology so that the process design has compliance with applicable regulatory authorizes internally (i.e. food safety, quality, regulatory compliance, environmental, health and safety) as well as external governmental entities (i.e. FDA, OSHA, etc.)
  • Responsible for translating technical process expertise to advise/consult and provide governance to the adoption/implementation of policies, procedures and standards as well as planning and execution of highly complex manufacturing technology assignments.
  • Provide technical oversight and governance to changes within the Chloralkali process and Chemical systems regionally. (Management of Change)

Manufacturing Technology Performance
  • Defines and monitors manufacturing technology performance metrics and goals as well as overall business impact.
  • In conjunction with Manufacturing Excellence SMEs, assists with the application of continuous improvement leading practice/tools to improve the manufacturing process cost and/or capabilities
  • Collaborates across the Platforms to identify, monitor and where applicable, implement manufacturing technology design improvements for existing facilities.
  • Provides strategic leadership for and defines / establishes lessons learned process from Build projects to continuously improve manufacturing technology design requirements.
  • Promotes strong business/customer partnership to ultimately influence strategic/systemic changes, bridge technology gaps and set organizational goals as well as governance around process improvement and leading practices
  • Establishes, advises and oversees auditing and compliance governance for the manufacturing technology. Through direct reports and/or through established network, enforces corporate benchmarking metrics and performance measurements to advise/consult on process improvement solutions that contribute to efficiency improvements and deliver cost savings.
  • Externally benchmark manufacturing technology capabilities and performance of competitors and assist business units assessing competitors capabilities and total cost to operate.

Manufacturing Technology Education
  • Responsible for developing the technical educational content for operators and line management of the manufacturing technology.
  • Determines the evaluation criteria of the technical competency and minimum standards that operators, line management, and a build team must achieve before building or operating the process independently within the manufacturing technology.

Manufacturing Technology Innovation- road mapping
  • Keeps abreast of emerging manufacturing technology development/improvements within the industry and incorporates into the design requirements so that the process design maintains its capability to deliver the product(s) and/or service(s) meeting the market requirements and internal/external risk tolerances and standards while achieving the best total cost to operate.
  • Through direct contact or team, develops strategic partnership with customers/businesses to develop deep knowledge/understanding of the manufacturing setting, business product/service life cycle, environmental, and sustainability impact, future growth considerations, as well as overall cost of ownership and long-term usability of assets
  • Participates in industry organizations as the Manufacturing Technology SME representing Cargill to influence and keep abreast of regulations and/or RAGAGEP applicable to the manufacturing technology
  • Develop a strategy and management of the intellectual property and freedom to operate for the manufacturing technology.

Talent Development
  • Provides strategic functional leadership, coaching and manages process engineers that directly support the manufacturing technology.
  • Creates plans for workforce needs to support the manufacturing technology and has overall responsibility for developing, maintaining and acquiring talent across the manufacturing technology.
  • Leverages organization capabilities of cross-functional internal and external resources to define and monitor performance of a manufacturing technology


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